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Fairway Styles

FairwayStyles gets you closer to the course and the game you love with the launch of our new and first ever real grass apparel collection. As you can see our grass is grown in a special lab and once the turf is strong enough it is then spun into live material and eventually into a wearable piece of clothing!

If you like golf apparel that performs in extreme conditions this line is for you. Since real grass naturally drinks water you will stay dry all day long no matter how much you sweat.

Swamp ass? Absolutely not with our real bermuda grass shorts. Need to use the bathroom during your round? Nope not with these shorts you can just go and the bermuda will rapidly absorb any type of moisture you throw at it.

FairwayStyles has created and launched the newest technology in golf apparel so if you want to look stylish and stay dry all day long give our new collection a try.

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Care instructions:

As you can see care for our grass apparel is simple. In the morning before your round all you need to do is soak it with a hose and let it sit for 20 minutes. Once the grass sticks straight up it is fresh, dry and ready for wear all day long.