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Adidas COLD.RDY Apparel

Oct 14, 2020

Stay Warm with Adidas Cold.Rdy

Sarah Marai, Sr. Men’s Product Manager for Golf at adidas

Recently, we chatted with Sarah Marai, Sr. Men’s Product Manager for Golf at adidas about their new COLD.RDY Line.

FairwayStyles: Describe what your role is with adidas Golf.

Sarah Marai: Senior Global Product Marketing Manager. I work with our global teams to understand the needs of the consumer, and then with our design and development teams to actually bring those products to life.

FairwayStyles: How would you describe the adidas’s layering pieces for Golf?

Sarah Marai: That’s honestly a tough one because we offer such a wide range of layering in our line! We really have something for every condition – whether it’s our Frostguard pieces for those extreme chilly and frosty days, or something like the COLD.RDY Hoodie that’s focused on lightweight warmth with styling and comfort that you’ll want to wear it off the course, too. When we go through the process of creating our products, we always look at all the conditions that golfers may play in so that we offer them something for every moment.

adidas Cold RDY Hoodie

adidas Cold RDY Hoodie

FairwayStyles: What do you feel sets COLD.RDY apart from other brands out there?

Sarah Marai: COLD.RDY is all about giving golfers highly technical pieces that offer lightweight warmth. The fabric is light, stretchy and very cozy. It’s built for performance, but really has that comfort and wearability aspect that golfers love.

FairwayStyles: Are you seeing any specific fabric trends or blends of fabrics more so now versus in years past? What’s the latest and greatest in layering?

Sarah Marai: We are seeing more versatility in both polos and layering. Golfers want to be able to put something on and have it perform on the course, but also be able to wear it and have it seamlessly transition into their lifestyle off the course without screaming, “I’m a golfer!” I love seeing all the hoodies and crewnecks on the course because it gives a more modern, yet sporty, look on the course.

FairwayStyles: What trends are you seeing in the industry right now? Are there any specific materials, fabrics, or performance features?

Sarah Marai: The only thing that comes to mind is that we’re seeing a slight shift in traditional technical fabrics. Those will obviously always live on the course and are made to perform, and the golfer loves them, but they also want to fill their closets with other fabrics that are also extremely comfortable to wear.

FairwayStyles: How has adidas Golf evolved as a brand?

Sarah Marai: At adidas we will always stay true to our roots as a sports brand and our mission to be the most progressive golf brand in the industry. We want to bring newness to the course through modern silhouettes and exciting looks that still perform and look great.

FairwayStyles: Can you start off by going over some of the standout features of the COLD.RDY line?

Sarah Marai: COLD.RDY is new to our range this season. We have a variety of styles that offer great options, depending on the golfer’s personal preference. As I mentioned, we have the COLD.RDY Hoodie for the more modern golfer who wants to be able to transition from course to life; it’s a very lightweight knit fabric paired with some cool textural details on the shoulders, just a small added fashion touch. We are also offering the more traditional ¼ zip and full-zip layering pieces with COLD.RDY technology built in, so whatever your style, you can stay warm without wearing something bulky during your round.

adidas COLD.RDY Vest

adidas Cold RDY Vest

FairwayStyles: Thank you so much for your time and sharing your insight into the adidas Golf brand.

Sarah Marai: Anytime!

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