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Oct 21, 2021

Style Code: Luxury Meets Style with ECCO

You may remember the 2010 Masters as the tournament where Phil Mickelson captured his third Green Jacket, but for ECCO Golf, it was the beginning of a footwear revolution. It was there that Fred Couples climbed the leaderboard and caught the attention of everyone watching, not just for his stellar play, but also for his choice in footwear.

He was wearing the ECCO Golf Street, a sneaker-style golf shoe with no spikes. It was the first of its kind and it had the golf world buzzing. So much so that Couples was asked more about the shoes in his post-round press conference than he was about his golf game. The Golf Street not only put ECCO golf shoes on the map, but it was also the beginning of a major change in the way brands and golfers thought about golf footwear.

Fast forward to today and men’s spikeless golf shoes and women’s spikeless golf shoes occupy about 50 percent of the golf footwear market. While spiked styles are still a preference to many golfers, the versatility and street style of spikeless models have drastically increased their popularity for male and female golfers alike.

ECCO Golf has very much leaned into this trend and continues to push boundaries of footwear innovation in both ECCO’s golf shoes for men and ECCO’s golf shoes for women.

History of ECCO Golf

Founded in 1963 by Birte Toosbuy and trained shoemaker Karl Toosbuy, ECCO Golf began as a vision to own and operate a shoe factory. A Danish, family-owned company, ECCO prides themselves on quality craftsmanship and innovation. Fun fact, ECCO makes their own leather at ECCO-owned tanneries and then produces golf shoes at their own factories, meaning there is no middle man and the company is able to ensure the best quality by operating the entire shoe-making process from start to finish.

The ECCO Spikeless Evolution

ECCO Biom H4 Spikeless Shoe
ECCO Biom H4 Spikeless Shoes

After the popularity of the ECCO Golf Street introduction, the company recognized that spikeless golf shoes weren’t just a one-hit wonder. The outsole that started it all was the ECCO E-DTS “hybrid” outsole, as ECCO refers to it. This outsole is made from highly durable TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a blend of rubber and plastic, making it flexible and long-lasting. Aside from the material itself, the E-DTS design boasts more than 800 traction points to ensure golfers have the grip they need.

The innovation of hybrid options has continued with the release of other outsoles like MTN-Grip, as seen on the BIOM H4, which offers three zones designed to provide stability, durability and rotational support where golfers need it most. These ECCO spikeless golf shoes take comfort and traction to the next level.

Innovation Lead by Danish Design

ECCO Biom Hybrid 1 Spikeless
ECCO Biom H4 Spikeless Shoes

Award-Winning ECCO BIOM Golf Shoe Technology

If you’ve seen ECCO golf shoes somewhere before, you’ve likely seen a model with the name “BIOM” in it. It’s one of ECCO’s most popular lines. Let’s dive into how the BIOM family has become so successful.

Comfort is a key driver behind the brand’s unique engineering. Each BIOM model features a biomechanical last that has been constructed based on the scans of 2,500 athletes’ feet. This means the fit feels like it mimics that of your own foot. BIOM Natural Motion technology also brings golfers closer to the ground for a more natural, comfortable feel. It’s the walking golfer’s dream.

Another option for BIOM shoe fans is swapping traditional laces for the BOA Fit System (as ECCO refers to it). ECCO BOA golf shoes provide a snug fit by customizing your “lacing” down to the millimeter as you adjust the knob of the BOA closure to tighten or loosen the fit to your liking. The BOA Fit System is also available in other ECCO golf shoe styles, like the ECCO S-THREE golf shoes.

ECCO Golf S-Three Spikeless
ECCO S-Three Spikeless

Unique Leather Craftsmanship

We’ve broken down the comfort of ECCO golf shoes, now let’s take a look at the luxurious leather that makes up a majority of styles. As mentioned above, ECCO Golf owns the entire leather-making process from start to finish, so they have complete quality control. This also means they have the ability to create different types of leather unique to ECCO.

One of the most commonly used leathers across the brand’s golf shoe styles is Yak leather, thanks to its strength. Add the use of GORE-TEX for complete waterproofness or ECCO’s water resistant Hydromax treatment, and your ECCO golf shoes have an insane amount of durability and will last season to season.

Speaking of long-lasting, the construction of each ECCO golf shoe is brought together using ECCO Fluidform Direct Comfort technology. Rather than using glue or stitching that can come apart over time, Fluidform is a direct injection of fluid midsole materials that forms around the last to bond the shoe together. It also serves a dual purpose of ensuring a comfortable balance of cushioning and rebound. You can see this technology in the colored midsole of the ECCO S-THREE, which showcases an ombre design of three different zones of comfort, stability and flexibility.

ECCO men’s golf shoes and ECCO ladies’ golf shoes have continued to grow in popularity since they were first introduced 10 years ago and have garnered a reputation for superior comfort and durability. It’s no wonder scores of professional female golfers, like Lydia Ko, Minjee Lee and Caroline Masson, also sport them.

Now that you’ve got an inside look into the craftsmanship and engineering that goes into each pair of ECCO shoes, when you’re looking for your next pair of golf shoes, slip your foot into a pair of ECCO golf shoes and your feet won’t be sorry.