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An Interview with Senior Design Lead for FJ Apparel

Jun 12, 2020


PJ Skurla, Senior Design Lead for FJ Apparel

Recently, we chatted with PJ Skurla, Senior Design Lead for FJ Apparel.

FairwayStyles: Describe what your role is with FootJoy.

PJ Skurla: My name is PJ Skurla. I am the Senior Design Lead for FJ Apparel.

FS: How would you describe the brand of FootJoy?

PJ: FootJoy is an authentic golf brand and a leader in the industry.

FS: What do you feel sets FootJoy apart from other brands out there?

PJ: All FootJoy products are designed specifically for the game of golf. Out #1 goal is to enhance a players experience with the game. Many of our competitors are multi-sport brands who adapt their product from other categories, not starting with golf as their first priority.

FS: What trends are you seeing in the industry right now? Are there any specific materials, fabrics, or performance features?

PJ: For our rain wear and more technical apparel, the trend is moving towards Lightweight Fabrications. Getting better performance out of garments that are extremely lightweight while still remaining soft and quiet with great stretch so as not to impede the golfers swing.

For our fashion apparel, there is a major trend of crossover functionality. Being able to wear an outfit to play 18 holes and then head straight to dinner without looking like you came from the golf course.

FS: Are you seeing any specific fabric trends or blends of fabrics more so now versus in years past?

PJ: There is trend toward more "natural feeling" fibers such as cotton. Consumers want the extremely soft feel and finish of a cotton shirt but want the easy care of synthetic materials. Due to recent fabric innovation we are able to achieve just that.

FS: During the design process, what's the percentage you consider when players are on the course versus off the course?

PJ: As stated above, we want golfers to have the absolute best performance from our products but also don't want the function to dictate the style. Just because you play golf, doesn't mean you need to look like a golfer.

FS: Where do you see apparel design going over the next five years?

PJ: I think the market is going to continue to segment into different types of players. Some golfers will be all about performance and want to look more "athletic". Some will be more fashion focused while still maintaining the best performance features possible. We are continuously evolving our line to ensure we have looks for every type of player.

FS: How has FootJoy evolved as a brand?

PJ: FootJoy has always prided itself on "best in class" performance products. A golfers performance on the course was our #1 priority. As the golfers sense of fashion has evolved, we have had to ensure that our products don't only perform well but also offer the looks that our customers are asking for.

FS: Can you start off by going over some of the standout features of the FootJoy line? Some of the major themes you will see are:

  • More Prints added to our fashion collections
  • The move toward more solid colors in our Midlayers and Outerwear using bright colors as small accents with less color blocking
  • Highly technical lightweight woven fabrications in our Outerwear and Bottoms
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