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May 16, 2019

A Closer Look at Psycho Bunny

Good things are said to come in pairs; suit and tie, t-shirt and jeans. One of our newest brands, Psycho Bunny, is the epitome of this plurality. They bring a combination of rebellion and style to the golf fashion world that is “made for mischief.”

Join us as we look closer at the combinations that started the brand and make it stand out among the rest.

Pairs of Roberts

“The Psycho Bunny brand was launched in the spirit of risk and rewarders who forge their own paths, push the limits, and break new ground”

-Robert Godley, Co-Founder, Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny was founded by 2 Roberts, Robert Godley and Robert Goldman. Their worlds collided circa 2005, in New York City. Sharing a love and a passion for high quality, creative fashion, they joined forces to create Psycho Bunny.

Robert Godley, hailing from the UK, has a background in bespoke English tailoring and footwear. He spent over a decade honing his skills and building a reputation designing neckties for London clothiers. His last stop before moving across the pond to the “City that never sleeps” was as the head creative at Polo Ralph Lauren.

Robert Goldman, a 3rd generation New York necktie maker, paired his know-how of the industry with Godley’s creativity and design chops to form a lifestyle brand with attitude, Psycho Bunny.

Rebellion and Style

When one thinks of “rebellious” clothes, images of apparel that’s edgy, fashion-forward, and against the grain comes to mind. Psycho Bunny embodies this with their apparel, fusing rebellion with style throughout their apparel line to push the limits in golf fashion.

You can first see this fusion by taking a close look at the Psycho Bunny logo. From afar, you see bunny ears and head. Moving close, the crossbones stands out as an homage to that rebellious nature.

Psycho Bunny apparel also screams style. Browsing the collection reveals trendy colors and patterns sure to turn heads. Each piece can be dressed up or down, whatever the situation calls for.

Quality and Creativity

Godley and Goldman didn’t want their apparel to just look good. It had to be of high quality with keen attention to detail. This starts with the fabric their polos are made of.

Psycho Bunny shirts are made with 100% Pima Cotton, a textured fabric that‘s soft and smooth to the touch for superior comfort on and off the course.

The cotton material is woven with a Diamond knit pique that was developed in-house. This unique pattern has a 4-way stretch that maintains its fit.

Godley’s creativity can be seen on polos like the Pickwick and Lumley. Designs peek out from under the collar, giving these solid shirts a bit of pop.

Psycho Bunny Pickwick polo

Further speaking to the quality of Psycho Bunny tops are several details that are subtle yet speak to the company’s sophistication. For example, mother of pearl buttons adorn the polos, the logo is made with 4,000+ stitches, the collar is designed to not roll after washing, and taped seams on the inner shoulders strengthen the shirt’s construction.

Tap into Your Mischievous Side

Thanks for coming along on our journey about the Psycho Bunny brand. Be sure to check out the other offerings (other than shirts) on our Psycho Bunny brand page.