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Aug 26, 2019

Greyson Clothiers, the brainchild of Charlie Schaefer, blends sport and design through exceptional tailoring and construction.

Mr. Schaefer left his SVP of Design position at another high-end apparel company to bring his vision to market. Take a closer look at the brand below.

What's Greyson Apparel Known For?

morgan hoffman greyson apparel

Each piece of Greyson apparel comes with the performace features you expect in golf apparel. You get moisture-wicking comfort and stretch that frees up your swing. There are areas where Greyson differs from its comptetion.


Greyson puts its own spin on the performance fashion category of golf apparel. It starts by incorporating on-trend prints on its apparel pieces.

Golf apparel is following the overall fashion trend of using prints. These prints stand out from the solid and striped polos that have dominated the apparel world for years.

Greyson draws inspiration for many of their print ideas from the wolf and nature. Examples of this are the Northern Lights polo, filled with star constellations and the Bluetooh polo, using wolf teeth as its pattern.

greyson bluetooh golf polo

Greyson Bluetooth Polo Pattern

Attention to Detail

Another aspect that sets Greyson apparel apart from the pack is the company's attention to detail. Specific examples of this are found on the collar and buttons.

Greyson offers several collar variations, including a cutaway and button down. The cutaway collar is a modern look, with a shorter length than a traditional collar. This collar stops well before the top button.

The other notable collar variation is a button-down collar. This look, simialr to a dress shirt, keeps the points of the collar from curling up.

Contrasting colors on the button placket and the collar along with the use of high-end buttons complete the noteworthy details on Greyson polos.

greyson knightfall golf shirt

Greyson Knightfall Polo Collar Details

Feed The Wolf

Greyson Clothiers takes inspiration for its golf apparel from the strength and spirit of the wolf. It breaks through traditional golf fashion with unique prints and a keen attention to detial. Be the leader of the pack and put Greyson apparel in your wardrobe today.