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Jul 28, 2021

RLX Ralph Lauren Billy Horschel

We had the chance recently to speak to 6 time PGA Tour Winner and possibly the G.O.A.T. of style on the PGA Tour Billy Horschel

Billy Horschel RLX Golf

FairwayStyles: You’ve been with Ralph Lauren since 2011. How did you initially get hooked up with them?

Billy Horschel: I initially had a meeting with them at the end of 2009 but didn’t become an ambassador until the summer of 2010. My instructor, Todd Anderson has been an ambassador for Ralph Lauren for a couple decades and was asked by the brand if there was any young up-and-coming professional golfers who he thought may be a great fit for Ralph Lauren. He mentioned my name and the rest is history!

FairwayStyles: What were your first memories of taking an interest in what you wore? Have you always considered yourself ‘stylish’?

Billy Horschel: I think the first time I started taking an interest was around age 12 or 13. I was upset that my mom kept shrinking my clothes. So my mom said “you can start doing your own laundry .” I’ve been doing my laundry ever since and hardly allow anyone else to do it. But that is when I started taking an interest in my clothes and what I wore. I haven’t ever really considered myself “stylish.” When I hear stylish, I think of people who start a trend that other people copy. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done that or tried. But obviously I’ve been with a brand now for nearly a decade that has been the leader in fashion world for decades and they are considered stylish.

FairwayStyles: How would you describe your on-course style?

Billy Horschel: I believe my on-course style has changed over the years. I think early on I went with what the trend was and tried to copy other guys. Then I went with the pants trend on wearing some cool and unique pants, mostly on Sundays. And recently, I’ve tried to add more of the classic look with a little flare. Maybe by having a unique belt or shoe combo. One thing that is key throughout is, the clothes must be properly fitted. I do not want the clothes to look to big or to small. I believe this can easy make or break a look.

Billy Horschel RLX Golf

FairwayStyles: Packing/living out of a suitcase is part of the program for Touring Professional – do you have any must haves that the ordinary “Joe” should pack when going on a golf trip?

Billy Horschel: I think one of the “must haves” would be having a sweater that you can wear on or off the course. I absolutely love the cashmere hoodie from Ralph Lauren. It easily pairs well with my golf outfits and is great to wear out to dinners at night. Not shocking, I have and travel with all the colors in which the cashmere hoodie comes.

FairwayStyles: What are your favorite pieces when thinking about Spring/Summer (or insert season) golf?

Billy Horschel: I mentioned the cashmere hoodie above but one thing I’ve tried to incorporate more into my spring and summer looks is a vest. One of my keys to wearing a vest is, not to wear the same color vest as my shirt. But I will wear a navy vest with a navy shirt if there are some accent colors that stand out on the shirt or vest that can be easily seen.

FairwayStyles: What do you think of the current state and/or trends of golf fashion?

Billy Horschel: I love what I’m seeing in the fashion department when it comes to golf. People are starting to express themselves on the course more with their clothes. You are seeing people wear hoodies, joggers, puffy/down jackets, sneakers that are golf shoes, etc.

The game of golf in general has become less stuffy and more accepting. You can still respect the game of golf without having to wear khakis and a white golf shirt.

FairwayStyles: With most people discovering how to work from home these days what do you think of Athleisureware?

Billy Horschel: I absolutely love athleisurewear. If you ever see me off that golf course, that’s pretty much all I wear. I’ve actually started to wear some of the athleisurewear when I practice at home. It’s great because its light, breathes well, and works great in the heat. And its super comfortable. Honestly, I’m wearing it right now as I answer these questions. I need to find out if I would be allowed to wear the RLX athleisure shorts from Ralph Lauren in practice rounds on Tour. The Tour started to let us wear shorts in practice 2 years ago and its been a massive hit amongst the players

FairwayStyles: Thank you for your time and we wish all the best for the remainder of the Season