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Oct 05, 2020

Matt Wallace, JL Ambassador

Matt Wallace, JL Ambassador

We caught up with Matt Wallace a J.Lindeberg Staff Professional, four-time European PGA Tour winner and currently the 50th ranked player in the Official World Golf Rankings*

FairwayStyles: How is the game since the Covid-19 break?

Matt Wallace: It’s been good. We made a really good decision in staying in the United States after The Players was called off after one round. We’d leased a place in Jupiter and I was able to practice the whole time, which was a huge bonus. Covid is still having a huge impact around the world but I used the break the only way I could and I had some good results after that, especially fourth place at The Memorial.

Matt Wallace Swing

FairwayStyles: How did you initially get hooked up with J Lindeberg?

Matt Wallace: It’s my third year in JL now and I love it. I’d always really liked it and I was delighted that it became an option for me and it’s something I’ve never regretted for a second. I love the clothing and they’re a great company to be partnered with.

FairwaySyles: Do the clothes you wear have an impact on your performance (Thinking about the freedom of movement or being in hot/humid climates) & how does J.Lindeberg help with that?

Matt Wallace: All of those kinds of things are factored into the designs. We did a photoshoot at the start of the year in Dubai and I sat down and chatted to Rob from JL about their plans for the year and it’s amazing the depth and thought that goes into the styling and designs, whether that’s from the look or the functionality. Also, it makes a difference liking what you’re wearing, whether you’re playing in a major or playing on a Saturday with your friends.

FairwayStyles: How would you describe your on-course style?

Matt Wallace: Pretty smart I think and I’m happy to try different things. I never imagined I’d be wearing a tie at Sawgrass but I enjoyed it!

FairwayStyles: Do you consider yourself a stylish player? & do you take an interest in what you are wear?

Matt Wallace: I think most golfers – if they were being totally honest – would admit that it’s pretty important to them! When I get a batch of clothing through it’s exciting to have a look at the new stuff and that’s never changed!

FairwayStyles: Packing/living out of a suitcase is part of the program for Touring Professionals – do you have any must haves that the ordinary “Joe” should pack when going on a golf trip?

Matt Wallace: I love the mid-layers and the zipped sweaters and black for Sundays!

Matt Wallace in Bunker

FairwaySyles: What are your favorite pieces when thinking about Fall golf?

Matt Wallace: I suppose the mid-layers and zipped sweaters again! But the jackets, especially the hybrids, are always just absolutely perfect. I just hope we don’t have to layer up too much!

FairwayStyles: What do you think of the current state and/or trends of golf fashion?

Matt Wallace: Generally, it’s getting better and better. You look at a lot of the clothing from 15 or so years ago…baggy and not great. It’s certainly moved on a lot since then. JL has always produced great stuff, even back then.

FairwayStyles: As an aside are there any pet peeves you have in golf fashion?

Matt Wallace: I have to be guided by one of my coaches Robert Rock who is always on about matching belts and shoes. He’s not a fan of white belts but they’re ok at the right time.

FairwayStyles: You seem pretty active on social media (mattwallacegolf) seems to be part of the job now days – with no fans at events how has this helped to keep everyone in the loop on how you are playing?

Matt Wallace: I try to be as open as I can and it can be really useful if you want to put something out there that’s unfiltered and in your own words. I don’t think that there being no fans at events has made me change particularly, I’ve always had that approach and I hope it never changes.

FairwayStyles: Thank you for your time and we wish all the best for the remainder of the Season and on into 2021.

*OGWR was as of 9.28.2020