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Jun 26, 2019

See The Difference

bubba watson oakley prizm golf sunglasses

Sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun and often compliment our favorite outfit. What may be overlooked is the performance benefits sunglasses provide to the golf game.

Oakley has long been at the forefront of sport performance eyewear. Their latest technology, PRIZM™ Golf, offers a contrast with PRIZM™ Dark Golf lenses. We explore both here.

What is PRIZM™ Golf?

PRIZM™ Golf lens technology combines multiple colors to control what colors in the spectrum hit your eye. This accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Creating bright, vivid colors
  2. Increases depth perception
  3. Shaprens the landscape details

Oakley Prizm with and without

How does this translate to golf? Brighter colors help accentuate the details of the course. See where the fairway ends and rough or apron begins off the tee or on approach shots.

PRIZM™ Golf also improves depth perception. The color of the ball pops out against the sky, making it easier to track in the air. On the green, it's easier to read the slope so you can sink more putts.

Speaking of reading greens, PRIZM™ Golf sharpens landscape details, so you can practically see each blade of grass.

PRIZM™ Golf vs PRIZM™ Dark Golf

PRIZM™ Golf and the new PRIZM™ Dark Golf lenses share the same performance features that help you on the golf course. The lenses are both great in medium light and have a rose base lens color. The difference between them is the amount of light each allows to hit the eye.

When shopping for sunglasses, you may run across a light transmission percentage. This informs you how much light passes through to your eyes. The lower that percentage, the darker the lens.

PRIZM™ Dark Golf lenses pop certain colors, namely browns and reds. This enhances your ability to read greens and follow the ball in the air, especially in brighter conditions.

oakley mercenary dark golf sunglasses

See The Difference

Both PRIZM™ Golf and PRIZM™ Dark Golf offer excellent performance on the course, popping colors and detials that show the course in a whole new light. Shop our selection of Oakley sunglasses below and discover the difference they can make in your game.