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Jul 20, 2021

Radmor Apparel Guide

More and more clothing designers are focusing on the health of the planet, and Radmor Golf has long been at the forefront of these efforts when it comes to golf course apparel. Founded by Scott Morrison and Bob Conrad, the two operate from the belief that everyone is a citizen of the game, and, to that end, they created Radmor Golf to address how the world was changing in terms of the planet and how they could make a difference.

Both men bring their own special expertise to the endeavor. Morrison is the founder of multiple renowned denim clothing brands—Paper Denim & Cloth, Earnest Sewn and 3x1 Jeans—while Conrad is a former professional golfer. Their combined insights blended perfectly to create an eco-conscious line of golf apparel for men.

Designs That Don’t Hurt Nature

The two men have been friends since college and were inspired by a “mutual disdain for polyester.” They felt that for a sport that was intended to be played in nature, it was out of step for much of golf attire to be manufactured from polyester, which is essentially plastic.

To address the multiple negative consequences plastic has on the environment, they opted to create designs from plant-based materials. This not only reduces waste, but it also limits the amount of polyester microfibers that are shed every time a golf shirt made from polyester is worn or washed.

Using Natural Fibers

While they have not been able to eliminate all synthetic fibers, the ones they do still use are only made from recycled ocean polyester or recycled nylon fishing nets. This use of non-virgin polyester comprises only about 10% of the materials used in their collections.

The other reason Radmor Golf’s use of natural fibers, like Pima cotton, is so important is because the average American throws away about 80 pounds of clothing every year. That comes to about 11 million tons of clothing annually that is added to landfills.

Much of that clothing is manufactured from polyester, which will take decades or longer to break down. Not only are Radmor Golf’s designs better from the manufacturing side of the equation, but they also aid the environment when they are discarded by biodegrading faster and do not impact our food and water sources.

Radmor Golf Shirts Focus on Sustainability

Radmor Maxwell Pimalite Shirt

Radmor Maxwell Pimalite Shirt

Radmor Taylor Performance Molten Jersey Shirt

Radmor Taylor Performance Molten Jersey Shirt

Radmor Golf shirts provide the comfort you need on the course. With collared and T-shirt options, the designs adhere to Radmor’s focus on the environment. Most are constructed from the purest of cellulose fibers -- which are biodegradable -- including a blend of Peruvian Pima Cotton and elastane yarns. The fine weight jersey fabric is a proprietary weave using extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, the smoothest in the world.

This focus on sustainability sets Radmor Golf apart. In fact, they are the first brand in the golf industry that has focused on eliminating ‘virgin’ polyester in their garments. It’s all part of Radmor’s Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Their use of organic and ELS Pima cotton in their apparel, in addition to incorporating more environmentally responsible performance technologies, is enabling Radmor Golf to reduce their impact on the planet.

Radmor Golf Outerwear Covers All the Bases

Radmor Anderson Hybrid Performance Outerwear

Radmor Anderson Hybrid Performance Outerwear

Radmor Higgins Outerwear

Radmor Higgins Outerwear

We all know how quickly weather can shift on the course, which is why Radmor Golf outerwear comes in so handy. From puffer vests to hoodies, they have options to address any situation -- when a shower pops up or a chilly wind starts to blow. And, of course, sustainability is still top of mind.

Radmor golf vests are manufactured from lightweight, recycled polyester and will work for three out of the four seasons. They are made from a recycled nylon and elastane blend, with a recycled plastic bottle fill insulation and a knit cotton and elastane back.

When this is all combined, the vests provide great moisture protection and wind resistance without the added downside of harming the planet. And comfort still matters, which is why the vests feature four-way stretch, as well as a handy pair of zipper pockets and Radmor’s signature ‘Ball-Rad’ pocket.

The Radmor Golf hoodie options feature a medium weight loop terry. Like other sustainable designs from the brand, they are knit from a proprietary blend of BCI Organic Cotton and elastane for performance. The hoodies are designed with a bias cut underarm panel to maximize movement so you can stay comfortable and still experience the full range of movement you demand on the course. There’s no reason you should have to trade warmth for a complete swing when playing a round.

Radmor Golf Hats Have You Staying Cool, Looking Good

Radmor R Flat Bill Snapback Headwear

Radmor R Flat Bill Snapback

Radmor BobRad Chenille Flat Bill Snapback

Radmor BobRad Chenille Flat Bill Snapback

Maybe you want to keep the sun out of your eyes or you simply like the style —either way Radmor golf hats have you covered. The same mindfulness that informs the design and manufacturing of all Radmor apparel items goes into their headwear as well.

For instance, the snapback and flatbill hat options are crafted from a combination of recycled or cellulose materials. This effort works toward reducing the impact on landfills around the world. Plus, the recycled ocean-polyester that’s combined with sturdy cotton twill contributes to the great performance Radmor hats offer in blocking the sun.

For the eco-conscious golfer, Radmor Golf is a great choice, offering style, comfort and a more sustainable option for the earth. When you are looking for environmentally friendly attire choices, from men’s golf shirts to men’s golf outerwear and more, Radmor Golf has a range of styles that will keep you in the swing of things on and off the course.