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Aug 10, 2022

RAEN Hero Banner

Inspired by the classics. Handmade for today. RAEN, a premium sunglass brand embodies the free-spirited coastal lifestyle inspired by their home in Oceanside, California. A tremendous amount of love and detail goes into the process of making a single frame RAEN. Balancing creativity with high-quality standards, and the philosophy that it’s worth doing by hand, RAEN sunglasses offer comfort, protection, and style perfect for on and off the course.

RAEN Sketch
RAEN Aren Sunglasses Lifestyle

What Makes RAEN Sunglasses Special

RAEN sunglasses are made from a plant-based biopolymer created from wood pulp and cotton called Zyl acetate, making their sunglasses significantly better for the environment and your face. Zyl acetates are hypoallergenic, making RAEN sunglasses safe for individuals with sensitive skin. The acetates used to make RAEN frames also have what is known as “thermoplasticity” – a unique chartisic that allows the material to be to fit your individual face shape. RAEN wants to give everyone a better way to soak in the sun.

The acetate frames are not only better for you and the environment, they also have a premium look and feel, featuring colors and patterns embedded entirely throughout the frame. This allows for dynamic color layering with varying patterns, opacities, and color depths. The designers at RAEN are always looking at color and fashion, drawing inspiration from art, design, and architecture. Taking ideas from Southern California, and from their travels around Europe, RAEN sunglasses defy trends with timeless aesthetics, premium fits, and one-of-a-kind acetates.

RAEN Myles Polarized Wide Sunglasses
RAEN Aren Sunglasses

A Closer Look at Why You Should Try Polarized

Polarized lenses may look like every other lens, but there is so much more to them than meets the eye. RAEN uses Carl Zeis CR-39 polarized lenses that help cut glare, reduce eye strain, provide remarkable clarity, and are high-quality. Simply put, polarized lenses offer a more pleasant viewing experience while you're out enjoying sunny adventures near and far.

RAEN Adin Polarized Wide Sunglasses
RAEN Myles Sunglasses