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Apr 16, 2019

Say hello to tasc Performace a new brand for FairwayStyles but not new to the garment industry. We absolutely love their products, their story, and the natural process (chemical free) they use to produce great apparel. We had the chance to meet with their team out of New Orleans and wanted to share why they are different, how the apparel is made, and why it’s so damn comfortable. Here is what they had to say:

About tasc:

tasc is reinventing performance lifestyle apparel, starting with our fabrics. We pride ourselves on our heritage rich lines of proprietary fabric blends that are sustainable, chemical-free and derived from the highest quality natural sources including Bamboo, Merino Wool, Organic Cotton and Pima Cotton. tasc fabrics deliver a luxuriously soft feel paired with natural moisture-wicking, UPF protection and odor-resistance to ensure that each piece can withstand the diverse needs of your active lifestyle – from workouts to hangouts to office and travel. With a 40-year legacy in the garment industry tasc is a family owned company based in New Orleans with a mission of enhancing the active experience through the innovation of original fabrics and the most comfortable fabrics on the planet.

Why bamboo and what makes it so sustainable?

We were never fully satisfied with the standard processes, which yielded garments that either: A) felt good, but did not perform (Cotton) or B) performed, but irritated the skin and retained odor (Polyester).

In 2006, we started working with early fabrics sourced from Moso timber bamboo*. The fabric had an amazing hand-feel, but was very difficult to work with: it pilled and did not hold its shape or color. However, we were intrigued by the performance characteristics of the bamboo plant, and we spent over 2 years developing our unique process (BamCo®). The result is a fabric that feels better than cotton and performs without chemical enhancements.

The Moso timber bamboo plant used as the raw material source in our products, grows quickly (without the use of water or pesticides), and is responsibly managed (FSC Certified). The bamboo is reduced to a cellulose level and regenerated into Viscose, or Rayon.

Our bamboo is sourced from the Sichuan Province in China. The forest is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and certified organic by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) and the USDA.

The soft inner pith is removed from the hard bamboo trunk. The resulting raw bamboo pulp is mixed with a caustic soda solution, which extracts cellulose from the pulp. The solution is regenerated into viscose from bamboo. The closed loop system used guarantees that 99% of the solution is recovered and reused.

The process of building a better fabric:


Cellulose bamboo fibers and organic cotton or merino wool fibers are spun into yarn using our exact specifications. Our yarn is ring spun to produce a smooth, ultra-soft and durable product.


Our knitting process utilizes more fine needles per square inch than standard traditional knits to achieve the smoothest and most comfortable fabrics possible.

Dying Process:

After our yarn is spun into signature tasc Performance fabrics, the dying team transforms the fabric into our signature vibrant colors utilizing state of the art dye equipment, that ensures an even colouration that will last wash after wash.

Water Treatment:

From start to finish, our fabric creation process uses a closed loop system. This guarantees that 99% of waste water and chemicals used in our dying process is recovered and re-used.


Our products are manufactured in India at a factory that produces exclusively for tasc Performance. 90% percent of the energy used in making tasc Performance garments is renewable energy, much of it provided by solar panels installed at our factory. We work closely with our factory team in India to ensure the highest quality in every garment and ensure that business best practices are upheld for everyone who helps create tasc Performance fabrics and apparel.

Why on FairwayStyles?

We chose their MosoTech fabric almost soley because of the super silky-soft feel of this material. At FairwayStyles we have been introduced to 100’s of different types of fabrics and we can honestly say this is the softest and most comfortable material we have tested.

We gave a few out to some of our customers and this is what we heard:

“I want to sleep in this polo”, “this is all I want to wear now” and “this is absolutely the softest shirt I have worn”

tasc apparel is not flashy and from a website it’s impossible to tell how awesome it really is. While it doesn’t dry as fast as 100% polyester, it does perform very well and really is the softest and most comfortable apparel we have worn. It goes great on the golf course, it has the look of cotton so pairs perfect with jeans, and lastly their fitness apparel is perfect for working out or just lounging around.

Give it a try today. We promise you won’t be sorry!