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Jun 17, 2019

If you're like us, you've paused before adding an item to your online cart, wondering if the piece will actually fit you. Sure, there are size charts to reference but we don't always know what our measurements are. Plus, a "large" in one brand may not be the same as another brand. True Fit comes to the rescue, using data to take the guessing out of online shopping.

True Confidence™: Sizing Driven by Data

The True Fit process begins with setting up your profile. This simple process asks you a series of questions, like age range, height, and weight. It will also ask what brand and size of a particular item fits you the best. This isn't necessary but helps them give a more complete picture of what fits you.

True Fit takes your provided information and compares it with 1000s of brands to determine if and how the item you are interested in will fit.

Once you receive (and love) the piece of apparel or pair of shoes, you can add that brand to your profile, giving True Fit a clearer picture of what fits best.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting your profile filled out is easy. When you come to the product page of an item you like, you'll see a red "T" logo with "Which Size Fits Me?" text next to it under the color options. Click on that to start your profile, which only takes a minute to fill out, and you're on your way!

True Fit doesn't stop there, though. Each product page you visit will show the size that fits you best, no matter the brand. You can also set up profiles for other people, perfect when shopping for others.

True To You

Armed with the data you provide, True Fit delivers size recommendations on items you are shopping for, making them a true fit for you. Shop with confidence today.