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Behind the Brand - Fore All

Sep 20, 2023

Introducing Fore All

Introducing Jen Clyde & Michelle Money, the co-founders of Fore All, a brand revolutionizing women's golf apparel. Transparent and relatable, Jen & Michelle's personal journey in learning golf sparked immense interest, rapidly growing our community without any advertising costs. Recognizing the untapped market, we took swift action, organizing successful golf events in 2021 and partnering with leading retailer World Wide Golf in 2022 to launch a full golf apparel line in March 2023. By blending stylish clothes with relevant content, we've created a complete golf lifestyle brand that resonates with the modern woman, attracting more women to the game and fostering long-term engagement.

FairwayStyles recently had the opportunity to speak with Jen & Michelle about the brand and here's what they had to say.

What is Fore All’s mission? It can be assumed by the name alone, but what inspired you to start this brand and what is your mission?

Our journey as a women's golf brand started with a clear vision – to build a vibrant and supportive community of women who shared a passion for golf. We recognized the need for a space where women could come together, connect, and empower each other within the golfing world. We focused on fostering this community, creating a platform that encouraged women to share their stories, experiences, and love for the sport.

As this community flourished and grew stronger, it became evident that there was an opportunity to further empower women in golf. With insights gained from our engaged members, we ventured into the world of golf apparel. Our apparel line was developed with a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of our community members. Each piece was designed not just for performance on the course but also to resonate with the modern-day woman's style and comfort preferences off the course.

By starting with community-building as our foundation, we've been able to create golf apparel that truly speaks to the needs and desires of the women who love the sport. Our brand's success is a testament to the power of fostering a passionate community and using their insights to innovate and elevate the golfing experience for women everywhere.

The bridge into apparel - was apparel always part of the Fore All plan?

While apparel has become an integral part of our brand, it wasn't always the initial focus of the 'Fore All' plan. Our journey began with a strong commitment to building a thriving and supportive community of women golfers. We were passionate about creating a space where women could connect, share their love for golf, and empower one another.

As this community continued to grow, the insights we gathered from our members were instrumental in shaping the evolution of 'Fore All.' It became evident that there was a gap in the market for golf apparel that truly resonated with modern women, both on and off the course. Our community members expressed their desires for stylish, comfortable, and performance-driven golf attire that reflected their unique personalities. With this valuable feedback in mind, we made the strategic decision to expand our brand into the world of golf apparel. Our approach has always been to listen to our community, and their needs and aspirations have guided our expansion into apparel. Today, we are proud to offer a range of golf apparel that meets the demands of our passionate community while staying true to our mission of empowering women in golf.

What was the moment when you fell in love with golf? Or at least enough in love to start a company?

The moment when we fell in love with golf was truly transformative. It happened during weekend of a round of 18 holes at Michelle's country club, where we were nervous and scared to try to play a full 18 holes since we had never done it before, and laughed the entire time we were there. We had no idea how much fun golf was although challenging brought us together outside with each other for hours of something magical we didn't know existed, the game of golf.

This profound connection with golf inspired us to delve deeper into the sport, and start posting our bad swings, horrible outfits we were forced to purchase, and we realized that there was something more to it than just a game. Golf had the power to bring people together, break down barriers, and instill a sense of confidence and empowerment we had never experienced as women before. We couldn't help but envision a world where more women could experience this incredible journey alongside us. The more we shared the more our Instagram feed grew, into the thousands instantly with no marketing dollars just organic content posted daily bringing massive amounts of women together through our transparent view of what playing and experiencing golf was for the modern-day moms like ourselves.

That pivotal moment was the catalyst for starting our company. It was a deep-seated belief that golf could be a vehicle for positive change and empowerment for women everywhere. We wanted to create a brand that not only celebrated the sport but also the unique spirit of women who played it. Our journey began with a passion for learning how to play golf, and it continues with a commitment to nurturing that same passion in women all over the world.

What are the connection points between your life before Fore All and life with Fore All? What connects those worlds?

The connections between our lives before Fore All and our journey with the brand are deeply intertwined with our respective experiences and expertise. As co-founders, our backgrounds complemented each other perfectly. Jen as Co-founder and CEO, our business developer, brought with her a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. She had previously started and grown successful brands, which provided invaluable insights into the strategic aspects of building Fore All. Her knowledge of brand development, marketing, and business operations has been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of Fore All. On the other hand, Michelle, our co-founder & CZO (Chief Zen Officer), had a background in growing online communities. Her prior experience in creating and nurturing online networks and communities played a pivotal role in our early stages. Her expertise in fostering engagement and connections among like-minded individuals laid the foundation for the strong and supportive Fore All community we have today. The connection between these worlds is our shared passion for empowering women in golf. We recognized the need to merge Jen's entrepreneurial acumen with Michelle's community-building skills to create a brand that not only offers exceptional golf apparel but also fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among women golfers. Our journey with Fore All is the result of this synergy, where our individual strengths and experiences converge to create something truly special for women in the world of golf.

What would you love to see changed in the sport?

Where do we start? JK. Content offerings, how women are treated when they show up at a course and play. Product offerings built by women, training built by women, I mean just a lot of upgrading on branding and offerings over all. Let's make it relative to a woman trying to learn and play golf in 2023.

If you had your own country club, what would be the top 3 rules of the club?

Oh, we will have a club trust us and the top 3 rules will be:

Tee Time Equality: Ensure equal access to tee times for all members, regardless of skill level, to promote inclusivity and encourage beginners. Enforce a pace of play policy to ensure that rounds are enjoyable for everyone, promoting efficiency while allowing time for socializing.

Attire Guidelines: Maintain dress code guidelines that prioritize comfort and function over tradition, allowing women to wear attire that suits their preferences and feel comfortable and stylish in whatever they want to wear!

Family-Friendly: Consider family-friendly policies that allow members to involve their families in the golfing experience, encouraging younger generations to get involved. Have a daycare on site that teaches the little ones golf or just a fun place for them to be while moms play or take golf lessons. Even dogs are allowed on course, or can be dropped at the doggy daycare. Another perk, onsite laundry service so you can get the laundry done while you play a round of 9 holes.

How can we all be more Fore All?

Welcome All Women: Encourage women of all backgrounds, skill levels, and ages to join the sport. Create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Mentorship and Support: If you have experience in golf, consider mentoring newcomers or offering support to those looking to improve. Share your knowledge and passion.

Celebrate Diversity: Embrace and celebrate the diversity of women in golf. Recognize that each golfer has her unique story and journey in the sport.

Supportive Community: Build and nurture a supportive golfing community. Whether online or on the course, be a positive and encouraging presence for fellow women golfers.

Advocate for Equality: Advocate for equal opportunities, tee times, and representation for women in golf. Challenge stereotypes and promote fairness.

Sustainability: Consider the environmental impact of golf and support eco-friendly practices on the course. Be mindful of preserving the beauty of the game.

Inclusive Attire: Challenge traditional dress codes that may be exclusive. Encourage comfortable and functional golf attire for all.

Empowerment: Empower yourself and others in the game of golf. Believe in your abilities and encourage fellow golfers to reach their full potential.

Participate: Join women's golf events, clubs, or initiatives in your area. By actively participating, you contribute to the growth of women's golf.

Inspire Others: Share your golfing journey and inspire other women to take up the sport. Be a role model for the next generation of female golfers.

Being 'Fore All' is about creating a culture where women in golf feel supported, encouraged, and empowered without excluding anyone including men. It's a collective effort to redefine norms and make golf a sport that truly belongs to everyone. Together, we can make a lasting impact and inspire positive change within the golfing community once and Fore All!

What was your design inspiration?

Classic retro created for the modern woman in mind. We wanted to design a line with a nod to the women who started it all, and have a vintage flare mixed with some modern street style.

The shift of on to off course, what three pieces do you think every woman needs in her wardrobe to pull off that transition?

Bronson pants, Angie polo, and Hamptons half zip will give you on and off the course looks you can't live without.

What pieces are you dying to wear right now?

I, being Jen, can't stop wearing the Jordan dress, Hamptons half-zip, and Erin dress. They’re my three go-tos - oh and my fore sweater it's just chic and comfortable. Michelle can't stop wearing the Hamptons skort and Keep it Classy. The fabrics on all these are so yummy.

Would you ever do a men’s collection? Kids? Gender Neutral?

All the above!! We already have Gender Neutral sweats currently online, styled on both men and women. They are comfy and come in 5 different colors. A wardrobe staple for sure. Yes, kids, after we get through the first couple of years, we will then we get into that much needed market. Great news, Men you asked? Well, we get asked about this literally every day on our DM's. So next Fall you will see our first mini men's capsule!! Yes, It will be mini, but genius. We gotta stay true to our mission of bringing men and women together first through the game of golf and as we do so, we will combine when we feel like it's appropriate for our brand growth. Fore All, Fore-ever!

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