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Mar 02, 2017

It’s not often that you find a company in the golf world that doesn’t make clubs, doesn’t make balls and doesn’t make golf a core focus of its business and yet still finds success. Under Armour is managing to do exactly this, focusing on the apparel that surrounds the golf world. In an age when how you look and feel on the golf course has become as important as the equipment you use to improve your game, Under Armour has captured a substantial slice of the pie.

A lot of this success could be pinned on the fact that Jordan Spieth is their top endorsement athlete in the sport. As his meteoric rise to the top of the golf world has made him a household name, Under Armour has capitalized by making him a head-to-toe athlete. At the Masters last year (where Spieth finished runner-up after having a share of the 54-hole lead), Jordan sported a whopping 12 logos on his body during play. That kind of brand push certainly has had an impact, but simply stating that Jordan Spieth has made the Under Armour golf brand popular would be selling the company short.

Under Armour is known for making apparel for athletes. While you may recognize the brand more on football player trying to stay warm or a basketball player trying to wick the sweat away, Under Armour has branched out to include other sports. This probably would not have worked as well in the golf game 20 years ago. Let’s be honest, we probably would have had a hard time stomaching John Daly trying to win the British Open while wearing a form-fitting mock turtleneck. Since Tiger Woods started the push to really train physically and prepare your body as an athlete, we have seen a surge in players who look much more like they belong on a soccer field or baseball diamond than strolling around a golf course on the weekend. Under Armour’s technology and innovation falls right in line with the push to be a better athlete.

Currently, Under Armour has a couple different big brand pushes going on. For the summer months, their coldblack® and HeatGear® lines are designed to help you stay cool while hitting the links. The coldblack® line features a new dye that actually reflects UV rays from the clothing, resulting in keeping you cooler and protecting your skin from damaging sunlight. The HeatGear® is said to be made from their most breathable fabric yet, which would be quite an accomplishment considering their past efforts. Both of these also stretch and allow for greater range of motion, all while remaining incredibly durable. For those rainy days (and there have been a lot of them this year), the Storm® line is essentially waterproof, while allowing for a greater range of motion than a typical rain jacket would.

As Under Armour expands their golf lineup (they just started producing shoes), their technology to help better the performance of athletes is only going to help grab a bigger slice of the pie. Just as Jordan Spieth is a star on the rise, Under Armour is a star on the rise in the golf world. Here’s to seeing just what they come up with next!