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NIKE Golf Sponsors Jason Day


NIKE’s announcement at the beginning of August initially shocked golf fans around the world—NIKE was leaving the golf equipment business, including balls, clubs and bags. Despite the company’s slogan to “Just Do It,” NIKE was pulling back and “Just Doing Some.”

An iconic sports performance company, NIKE has inspired contradictory speculation about what the move meant for the future of NIKE golf.

Is NIKE writing off golf for good? Is golf becoming less of a focus for NIKE? What about sponsored players like Tiger and Rory?

Today, with NIKE’s official signing of world number-one Jason Day, they were clear: NIKE is still leading innovation in golf. After Day’s Adidas contract expires at the end of 2016, the number-one golfer will be covered from head to toe in NIKE apparel.


If NIKE is avidly pursuing a leading position in the golf industry, why did they leave a major aspect of the game? Although their equipment always had a sleek design, NIKE did not see as strong of an opportunity for success in the golf equipment market while competing with classic equipment brands, such as Taylor Made, Titleist, or Callaway.

On the other side of the equation, everyone loves NIKE’s trendy, unique golf shoes and breezy golf polos, perfect for spending all day on the course. NIKE’s golf shoes don’t look like your typical golf shoe—they’re versatile and lightweight for functionality while still carrying that “cool, sleek” aura for which NIKE’s products are known.

NIKE has put out top-of-the-line golf shoes that captured the public imagination in the past few years, like the Flyknit ChukkaLunar Control 4 and Air Zoom 90. Check some of them out for yourself below and throughout our site.

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While these golf shoes have been taking over fairways, NIKE has lessened their focus on golf equipment. Have you seen a NIKE ad for golf clubs or balls in the last few months? Probably not. The cutback is Phase 1 of NIKE’s strategic shift from standard equipment manufacturer to industry-leader in golf shoes and apparel.

“NIKE made this move to make it clear to the public that they know they’re the innovators in the golf shoe industry and they plan on making it even better.”

NIKE’s signing of Day underscores their commitment to securing the company’s dominance in the golf world, even as they exit the equipment market. In the end, NIKE is “Just Doing It,” but they’re doing what they do best—making the best golf footwear and apparel available today.

Welcome to the NIKE family, Jason Day! FairwayStyles proudly carries NIKE’s innovative line of shoes and apparel soon to be found on the world’s top golfer.