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Extracurricular Interview Spotlight

Oct 02, 2023

Extracurricular Interview Spotlight

Extracurricular is a well-known and loved brand by many golf enthusiasts due to its fashionable nature that you can take your fashion on the golf course to cocktail hour. As an icon for men who pride themselves in pursuing leisure, Extracurricular is the perfect fusion of refinement and irreverence that encapsulates an intersection of iconic figures such as Steve McQueen and JFK.

Boiled down to just a few words, Extracurricular is a fashionable brand that can be applied to the many facets of life unlike apparel that we mostly think of, such as T-shirts for casual occasions and a full button-down shirt for formal events, there’s very little if any overlap between but Extracurricular’s apparel bridges that gap.

Designed with golf in mind, Extracurricular golf clothing can be worn outside the golf course without feeling fashionably out of place. If that captures your interest, we’ve prepared a quick overview of the top styles and clothing options Extracurricular offers.

Extracurricular Golf Clothing Best Sellers

From the tee to a late night out with friends, Extracurricular’s line of clothes supports a universal fashion sense. With that said, the brand has more popular designs, such as the Extracurricular Legion Shirt that comes in a striped Lavender/Green color. Made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex to be highly breathable and move when you move, the polo has a shade of lavender that meshes well with the other colors, giving it an all-around colorful palette fit for any occasion.

On the more flexible side of polos that works great on the golf course and on a night out is the Extracurricular Flex Shirt. With a bold green and stark black stripe profile, this polo is sure to turn heads and be both fashionable and practical with its versatility, making it one of the best men's golf shirts the brand offers.

Extracurricular Golf Apparel Best Sellers

Extracurricular’s golf clothing doesn’t stop at just polos. The brand has a wide range of best sellers for other golf apparel, from golf hats to shorts. When it comes to men’s golf hats, the Extracurricular Penman Hat is a fan favorite with its variety of color and style options. The rope detail on the rim of the flat visor adds a nice touch that players love. Paired with a 6-panel mid-profile fit, it’s a tried and true design.

While Extracurricular is known for selling some of the best golf shirts and hats, the brand also offers high-quality golf shorts and golf pants on the opposite end of the wardrobe spectrum. When it comes to fashion and usability on and off the golf course, the best golf clothing Extracurricular offers is the Wilshire Shorts. These golf shorts are fashionable to wear anywhere and are a comfortable alternative on the golf course. They are made of lightweight fabric and are highly breathable, making them ideal for hot summer days. Even on hot summer evenings, these shorts make a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

When the summer season is not in full swing, your wardrobe needs something that will keep you a bit more warm or protected during the rainy season. If you’re looking for a perfect pair of golf pants for that occasion, then Extracurricular has you covered with their Chauncey Pants. Exclusively designed for Dustin Johnson, this style of men’s golf pants is constructed to maximize comfort and range of motion so that you don’t have to make the choice of sacrificing movement for warmth in the colder weather.

Behind the Brand - Highlights from an Interview with Extracurricular’s Founder Chris Rosaasen

If you are interested in learning more about the brand, our partner, Fairwaystyles, recently sat down with Chris Rosaasen, founder of the Extracurricular golf clothing and apparel brand. Here are a few key takeaways/highlights from the interview we thought would best describe the brand and who it is geared towards.

Where do you see apparel going in the golf industry? Materials, Fabrication, Fit etc

Chris Rosaasen:

The innovation in the technology of fabric is really amazing and I think it’s only going to get better. I think we’re also going to see less micro-prints and slim-fitting silhouettes (which we’re fine with.)

Describe the Extracurricular guy.

Chris Rosaasen:

Our guy is the one who likes to be noticed at a second glance, not first. He’s not trying to be the center of attention but knows he looks good. He dresses for both comfort and performance. He can be found working hard playing harder. He’ll happily go from a super yacht to a dive bar without complaint.

Where do you see the Extracurricular brand going now that you’ve launched?

Chris Rosaasen:

The possibilities are really endless. Over the next couple seasons, we’ll expand into more categories to round out our customers' wardrobes. We’ll have him covered in golf and all other extracurricular activities.

If you’re just as excited as we were with what Chris had to say about the Extracurricular brand and want to know more of what he had to say, check out the Fairway Styles blog to read the interview in full.

How to Buy Extracurricular

With what Chris had to say about Extracurricular, the brand is expected to grow in both year-round and seasonal golf clothing and apparel in the near future. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest in Extracurricular clothing and apparel, then keep an eye out for new additions to its catalog.

When purchasing the best golf shirts and apparel, Fairway Styles has you covered. You can also browse Extracurricular’s golf clothing and apparel catalog to see if there is a style currently out that calls to you.

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