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Johnnie-O Brings West Coast Prep to Life

May 04, 2021

Johnnie-O Apparel Guide

The johnnie-O clothing brand isn’t about where you’re from but how you want to live life. A native Midwesterner, johnnie-O founder, John O'Donnell, moved to California to attend college at UCLA. Despite a brief return to his home, he quickly decided that the West Coast was where he was meant to be.

A short time later, he hit upon an idea to blend the preppy style he had grown up with outside of Chicago with the laid-back aesthetic of his new Southern California home, and johnnie-O clothing was born. Today, the line includes johnnie-O golf apparel, expanding the johnnie-O men’s apparel line but never deviating from the brand’s original vision of bringing WEST COAST PREP® to life.

From johnnie-O golf shirts to johnnie-O golf shorts, all products share a focus on high quality. A prime example is the patented Tweener Button® found on all johnnie-O sport shirts. This tiny button is hidden between the second and third button of each shirt to help bridge the gap so you never have to worry about showing too much or, on the flip side, looking too rigid and stiff.

This kind of attention to detail has garnered johnnie-O men’s apparel a range of fans and ambassadors, ranging from professional golfers like Aaron Baddeley, Derek Fathauer and Sean O'Hair to sportscaster Joe Buck, muralist Mark Boomershine and Los Angeles Rams senior offensive assistant Jedd Fisch.

Johnnie-O Golf Shirts — Offering Innovative Protection

Johnnie-O Bolton Shirt

Johnnie-O Bolton Shirt

Johnnie-O Herman Prep-Formance Shirt

Johnnie-O Herman Prep-Formance Shirt

Johnnie-O golf shirts range from pique to jersey fabrics, with stretch for ease of movement. Other fabric innovations to be found in johnnie-O men’s apparel include their PREP-FORMANCE lightweight fabric that provides UPF50+ UV protection from the sun and moisture wicking for quick evaporation of sweat. All with the goal of ensuring your comfort on and off the course, no matter the weather.

With a range of bright, summery colors to choose from and even some options with fresh and fun floral prints, there is a johnnie-O golf shirt that will capture your personal style.

Johnnie-O Golf Shorts and johnnie-O Golf Pants — Looking Good and Feeling Relaxed

Johnnie-OSawyer 6 Pocket Pants

Johnnie-O Sawyer 6 Pocket Pants

Johnnie-O Wyatt Prep-Formance Shorts

Johnnie-O Wyatt Prep-Formance Shorts

Offering the best of both worlds is what johnnie-O golf shorts and johnnie-O golf pants are all about. To start, many johnnie-O golf shorts come in the brand’s PREP-FORMANCE lightweight fabric. Also found in many of the johnnie-O golf shirts, this fabric keeps you cool, dry and protected from the sun thanks to its built-in UPF50+ UV protection and moisture-wicking abilities. Many of the shorts come with four-way stretch, too, and the brand’s signature rubberized waistband to keep your shirt tucked and tidy while playing.

And of course, johnnie-O golf pants are extremely comfortable and practical, too, as evidenced by the breathable cotton fabric with stretch that’s featured on many designs and allows for freedom of movement. Amping up the practicality even more is the durability of the machine-washable fabric.

Johnnie-O Golf Outerwear — Helping You Stay Comfortable Outdoors

Johnnie-O Wheeler Two Way Hoodie

Johnnie-O Wheeler Two Way Hoodie

Johnnie-O Crest Two Way Wind

Johnnie-O Crest Two Way Wind Vest

Johnnie-O golf outerwear has you covered. Breeze coming in? Clouds turning grey? Even if you are living johnnie-O’s West Coast Prep life, there are times when the weather is against you. But no matter what Mother Nature may throw at you, you’ll be in good shape.

Whether you prefer full-zip, half-zip or golf pullover options, there is something that is sure to meet your needs in johnnie-O’s extensive range of outerwear options. Some designs feature a zip out hood for rain protection, as well as UV fabric to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. There’s also moisture wicking for dry skin when things begin to heat up, with many styles offering lightweight construction and breathable mesh at the underarms.

No matter what option you select, rest assured that any johnnie-O outerwear you choose is crafted for comfort and performance to keep you playing strong despite the weather.

Johnnie-O Golf Headwear — Capping Off Your Look

Johnnie-O Chevy

Johnnie-O Chevy Hat

A johnnie-O golf hat finishes off your ensemble in the best possible way. You just can’t forget johnnie-O headwear! Sure it’s about keeping the sun out of your eyes, but there’s no reason you can’t look cool and relaxed at the same time.

The brand’s popular Chevy visor perfectly encapsulates the johnnie-O sense of cheeky fun while never skimping on the practical touches such as a high crown, a terry sweat band to keep you cool under pressure and an adjustable buckle closure to ensure a perfect fit.

Johnnie-O Shoes — Stepping Out in Comfort

Johnnie-O The Canvas Loafer

Johnnie-O The Canvas Loafer

Johnnie-O Dockside Flop Sandal

Johnnie-O Dockside Flop Sandal

Johnnie-O knows that while you might prefer to be barefoot, your casual outfit still needs some relaxed options for your feet just in case, which is where johnnie-O casual loafers and johnnie-0 sandals come in. Of course, in keeping with the lifestyle brand’s kicked-back look and feel, these shoe choices are so comfortable you may forget you are even wearing them.

The loafers are made from washed canvas and easily slip on for a truly coastal vibe. And, of course, nothing says beach quite like a pair of sandals, so johnnie-O has you covered there, for the moments when you step away from the course.

No matter whether your life centers around the East Coast, the West Coast or somewhere in between, if the prep style calls you, johnnie-O is the brand to help you express yourself. Company Founder John O'Donnell, despite still being briefly lesser known than his younger actor brother Chris, has found his niche with his line of distinctive casual wear geared toward those who embrace this classic look, regardless of where they live.

What makes johnnie-O golf apparel so great is the laid-back vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is always serious about comfort — that’s an easy sell whether you are on or off the course.

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