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Feb 02, 2022

Devereux: Modern Golf Wear

Devereux Golf is not like other golf apparel brands, and they’ll be the first ones to tell you so. Started by brothers Bert and Will Brunner in 2013, the brand focuses on delivering a fresh array of men’s golf apparel that is comfortable and unstuffy. When you wear Devereux golf apparel, you’re invited to untuck your shirt, wear your hat backwards and just enjoy the game (or as their tagline suggests, “Play more, complain less.”)

The brand caters to a new generation of golfers and seeks to break down barriers to make the sport more inclusive and accessible to all. The brothers bring their passion for the sport and its tradition together with their understanding of what younger generations want in their clothing: to look stylish and feel good in their clothes. A family business through and through, the brand derives its name from the brothers’ grandmother, Devereux Brunner, who was passionate about golf and her community.

How Devereux Golf Apparel Stands Out

Most of Devereux’s clothing, from polos to t-shirts, hats and shorts, give off a laid-back feel with bold prints, an emphasis on comfort and humor-infused designs. For every pair of shorts with a zipper and button, there are those offered with drawstrings, and next to monotone golf polos in classic colors are also those in vibrant flora and fauna.

One of their most recognizable line of apparel is their G*LF line of clothing and accessories, which places the cheeky phrase on sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, socks, stickers and lapel pins.

Devereux Golf Polo - The Golf Shirt Meant to be Untucked

Devereux Kea Shirt
Devereux G*lf Shirt

Devereux Golf offers a range of golf shirts, from performance wear polos to t-shirts that will make others do a double take. Devereux golf polos offer something for everyone depending on how much you want to stand out on the golf course. From bright, bold patterns with flowers and palms to solid lime greens and bright blues, to more demure patterns and colors, you’ll find something that fits your style.

The fabrics used in Devereux golf polos are moisture wicking and antimicrobial to keep you looking and feeling fresh even in balmy temperatures. The fabric is breathable yet durable and stands up to frequent washing, keeping colors intact and the fabric just as soft as the day you bought it. These golf polos allow the wearer to move freely and feel maximum comfort throughout the day, letting you play just as well as you look.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual to slip on when you step off the course, Devereux offers soft t-shirts in breathable cotton, like those from their G*LF line.

Devereux Golf Shorts Offer Plenty of Stretch

Devereux Gravity Shorts

Lightweight fabric, ease of movement and quick-drying are all ways to describe Devereux golf shorts. You’ll love the fit and free movement their shorts offer, with plenty of stretch for when you’re squatting down to grab your ball out of the hole or hopping into the golf cart.

Mesh pockets ensure your valuables are safely close at hand. A blend of fabrics offers a comfortable wearing experience, while the range of colors ensures you’re able to find the perfect pair to work into your new go-to golf ensemble.

Move Freely in Devereux Golf Pants

Devereux Gravity Pants

Made with the same attention to detail as their golf shorts, Devereux golf pants were designed with the wearer experience in mind. For a look that works on and off the golf course and a feel that offers stretch and easy movement, you’ll love wearing these lightweight pants that offer a performance feel without looking too much like fitness attire.

Mesh pockets with zippers offer security for your keys, wallet and phone. The fabrics are quick-drying and antimicrobial and stand up to frequent washing and wearing, making them perfect for travel and wearing over and over again.

Stay Prepared for Anything with Devereux Outerwear’s Layering Options

Devereux FLIGHT Outerwear
Devereux Oasis Full Zip Hoodie Outerwear

No matter the weather, stay stylish, comfortable and warm in one of Devereux’s many options for men’s golf outerwear. From cool golf hoodies to quarter zips and zip-up jackets, Devereux uses performance wear fabrics that are breathable and offer plenty of ventilation, so you can stay comfortable on the move.

Many also offer several types of pockets, so you have storage options to keep your items readily accessible. From prints to neutrals, it’s easy to find something that will stand out in your outfit or something that blends in with your overall look.

Finish Off Your Look with a Cheeky Devereux Golf Hat

Devereux Golf Hat

There can be a difference between keeping out of the sun and staying cool, but in a Devereux golf hat, they’re one in the same. For a cool golf hat that’s comfortable to wear and adds a little something extra to your look, grab one of Devereux’s hats that will have others asking you where you got it.

With an eye towards the new generation of golfers, check out Devereux Golf to add some flair to your wardrobe without skimping on quality or style. Just as comfortable on the golf course as off, mix and match Devereux golf polos, shorts, pants, outerwear and hats for new and exciting looks all year round.