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Aug 10, 2022

Style Code: The Best Men’s Golf Shirt Brands of 2022

A new year means brand new lines of men’s golf fashion, so we’re bringing you the latest and greatest for some of the most popular brands for men’s golf shirts, from Greyson polos to Criquet, RLX polos, Galvin Green golf shirts and more! Take a sneak peak at some of these brands’ new spring lines and learn a little bit about how each brand differentiates itself and what makes their products stand out.

RLX Golf Polo Delivers Fashionable Performance-wear

RLX Golf Printed Lightweight Jersey Shirt

Knowing that RLX Golf is a brand under the Ralph Lauren umbrella gives you an idea of what to expect from RLX golf shirts - timeless American style with sporty elements.The RLX polo shirt is one that translates the Ralph Lauren look and lifestyle in a way that meets the moment with today’s trends of athleisure and performance-wear.

When selecting a RLX golf polo shirt, you can be sure of the quality and exceptional feel due to the fabrics used. The shirts are designed with easy movement in mind with style that lends itself to the clubhouse just as much as to the golf course.

Most of the colors and patterns are classic - stripes, solids or other simple, minimal patterns, but the RLX golf polo shirts in a camo print stand out as a popular option for those interested in something slightly bolder. Lightweight fabric, built-in UPF and breathability make RLX Golf a brand to look into on your search for the best golf polos for 2022.

J.Lindeberg Golf Shirts Place an Emphasis on Fashion and Style

J. Lindeberg Angus Regular Fit Shirt

Originating from Scandinavia, J.Lindeberg Golf is a brand that creates clothing expertly balancing sport and fashion and brings a keen eye to design for golf course looks. J.Lindeberg golf polo shirts are fashion-forward enough to please anyone with an interest in style, but innovative enough to deliver an optimal experience to the wearer in all different kinds of weather conditions.

The cutting-edge technology of J.Lindeberg golf shirts includes a water block system in between the interior and exterior lining, as well as a four-way stretch system and moisture-wicking mesh. Feel free to play all day in the sun in your J.Lindeberg golf shirts because they also feature UV +30 protection. And if you care about eco-friendly initiatives, J.Lindeberg is one of the best golf shirt brands for sustainability.

Greyson Golf Shirts That Favor the Bold

Greyson Wild Hibiscus Shirt

Golfers who like to make a statement with their clothes and stand out on the golf course with bright colors and bold patterns may be drawn to Greyson Clothiers. In the past, Greyson polos have unique prints, so it should be no surprise that they’re one of the best golf shirts for men who are looking to show off some personality in their look.

But the patterns on Greyson golf shirts are not the only reason to add them to your closet. The tailoring and high-quality construction of Greyson polo shirts mean they are meant to last and hold up to frequent wearing.

The fabrics used on Greyson golf shirts feature an eight-way stretch and come with UV-A and UV-B protectant. Pair those features with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology, and you have a look that will feel fresh and comfortable every time you wear it.

Johnnie-O Golf Shirts for Laid-back Golfers

Johnnie-O Mcfly Prep Formance Shirt

The main inspiration behind the Johnnie-O Golf clothing brand is California and its laid-back, West Coast vibes. The brand marries this vision with the preppy style typically associated with traditional golf brands for an overall look that will appeal to golfers with classic sensibilities who also seek out some California-chill.

Many Johnnie-O shirts feature florals and colorful prints, in line with the sunny, West Coast feel of the brand. There are also a number of high quality features, like the patented Tweener Button® on every shirt. Placed between the second and third buttons of the shirt, the Tweener Button helps to bridge the gap that can sometimes form between these buttons, helping you to stay comfortable without worrying about the look of the buttons on your shirt.

The shirts also are easy to move freely in and the lightweight fabric provides UPF 50+ UV protection, making it one of the best golf shirts of 2022 to wear on a sunny day. So pick out a bright and colorful shirt to bring laid-back California vibes to any golf course you play on!

Criquet Shirts Know Not to Mess with Classic

Criquet Performance Range Cocktail Print Shirt

Based in Austin, TX, Criquet was founded by a group of close-knit friends who shared an admiration for the classic golf shirt styles from the 70s and 80s. Criquet was founded with this in mind, and their designs are meant to evoke nostalgia for the kind of apparel that was popular decades ago and worn by great men, from golf legends to the fathers and grandfathers of today’s golf generation.

Golfers who are drawn to this classic look will like the range of colors and minimal patterns on Criquet shirts. Pair that with a cool, comfortable feel, and you’ve found quality shirts that look and feel great.

TravisMathew Golf Shirts for Work and Play

TravisMathew Make Camp Shirt

Golf shirts don’t just belong on the fairway; for the best men’s golf shirts of 2022 that make you look and feel good no matter where you are or what you’re doing, reach for one of TravisMathew’s thoughtful and flattering designs.

Taking inspiration from their surroundings in Southern California, TravisMathew golf shirts are for the man who wants clothing that easily transitions to different parts of his life and looks good no matter what.

TravisMathew shirts are made in fabrics with enhanced stretch and are specifically made for performance. With wrinkle resistance, these golf shirts are easy to care for and are meant to last.

Galvin Green Golf Shirts Put a Premium on Sustainability

Galvin Green Tour Logo Max Shirt

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority to designers in the fashion world in 2022, and Galvin Green is one of the best golf shirt brands leading the way on sustainability in the golf apparel world. More than 60% of Galvin Green’s products are made sustainably. Products that are tagged with the Bluesign® are made with eco-friendly fabrics.

Not only are many Galvin Green golf shirts sustainable and eco-friendly, but those same fabrics incorporate moisture-wicking and cooling technologies. Galvin Green shirts keep you feeling great all day long - and in rain or shine, thanks to their UV protection. Find bold prints in addition to solid colors among their designs.

Anyone who wants to step out on the golf course with the best men’s golf shirts of 2022 should consider new golf polo shirts and brands to try. Depending on your personal style, there’s a perfect choice for everyone on FairwayStyles. And with every great looking golf shirt, there are also golf pants, shorts, outerwear and more to complete the look. Once you’ve found a brand that appeals to you, take a look at their other golf attire options on FairwayStyle so you can hit the course in style.